Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a way of restoring 'gappy' smiles and spaces between teeth.

Traditionally, Dentures and Bridges were used as treatment options but nowadays Implants have become the 'gold standard' treatment option for patients that have spaces in their bite or missing teeth around the back of their mouth.

Dental Implants Canning Vale 6155
Dental Implants are generally done in three stages. The first stage is when the area that is missing a tooth is assessed to decide if Implants are an appropriate option. We will discuss this with you to ensure that your questions and concerns have been addressed.

If Implant Therapy is the chosen course of action, we will send you for a consultation with an oral surgeon who will place the implant in the required area. If required, a temporary denture can be made to cover up the implant healing site and allow you to continue with your life without interruption.

Dental Implants Canning Vale 6155, South of the River in Perth
Dental Implants 6155, Dentist Canning Vale

healed implant site with anchor

Once the implant site has healed (this usually takes about three months), we can then take a mould of the area and fabricate a tooth which will be anchored by the implant.

The result is excellent and the lab fabricated tooth looks and feels like one of your own teeth.